About Mika Fabricators

Founded in 1939, Mika Metal Fabricating is one of Ohio’s most trusted full-service, sheet metal fabrication companies. Maybe that’s because Mika’s engineering and fabricating team has always focused on solving problems for our customers.

From complex, custom medical device carts and cabinets, to tiny golf divot repair tools, to whatever our customers dream up (or need us to figure out or reverse engineer), we are up for the challenge.

We love to work with hot & cold roll steel, stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, aluminum and copper to make our customers’ designs a reality.

Using your DXF or DWG files, we laser cut, CNC turret press punch, brake press bend, weld, deburr, assemble, powder coat, screen print and much more.

These capabilities, in tandem with the talent and experience of Mikas’ exceptional workforce, is a winning combination.

Mika Metal Fabricating: History and Future

The family-founded Mika Sheet Metal Fabrication grew steadily in the industrial and steel working heart of Northeast Ohio for nearly a century. In August of 2020, the founding family

transferred ownership to Ryan Thomas and Scott Shelfer. Mika is in good hands!

Ryan and Scott have a passion for creating raving fans and are confident the company’s team is ready to deliver the best sheet metal fabrication for the 21 st Century. 

In November 2020, Mika Metal Fabricating company began implementing our Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) across every production process to improve communication, scheduling, efficiency, and to further our ability to consistently complete and deliver your projects on time, on budget and with the quality you would expect.

After more than 80 years of serving customers in Ohio and beyond, Mika is poised to deliver more for its customers than ever before.

We Make What Matters. What Can We Make for You?

To discuss how Mika can help you with your next metal fabrication challenge, contact us.

Meet Our Team

Scott Shelfer


Ryan Thomas


Rebecca Cole

Director Sales & Marketing

Jim Gunvalsen

Sales Operations Manager

Kevin Timms

Manufacturing Engineer

Carlene Deas

Office Manager 

Cheryl Krebs

Customer Service Manager

Gary Hixon

Production Supervisor

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