Mika. We Make What Matters.

Custom Solutions

Since 1939, Mika Metal Fabricating has been expertly producing custom sheet metal products. We know if we don’t deliver, you don’t deliver. Simple as that.

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Whether we make your next medical cart, surgical cabinet, electronics enclosure, propane
dispensing system, bracket, mounting panel, plate or anything in-between, you can count on us as a trusted partner.

More than the things we make, Mika’s experienced team takes pride in what we do: creating solutions to our customers’ complex problems.

Have a problem? Contact us – let’s solve it together!

Why Mika?

  • We do what we say we’ll do. If we commit to a delivery date, a price or a specific level of quality and don't live up to your expectations, we’ll make it right or it's FREE!
  • You’ll save money and shorten lead times. Our experienced engineering staff proactively explores every print, looking for ways to tweak your designs to increase efficiencies that can lower costs and get parts on your floor faster.
  • Timely and accurate Requests for Quote, everyday, all the time.
  • No surprises. We believe in open and transparent communication (even when it’s difficult) from the time your purchase order is received until your product leaves our dock.
  • Accuracy and Quality. As your order works it’s way through our shop, it’s checked by our Production and Quality Supervisors at each step.
  • Damage Control. Our Shipping Department takes extra special care to package your products so they don’t get scratched, scuffed, ding’d or bent during transport from our facility to yours.

Let’s discuss your latest challenge. If it involves sheet metal and engineering, we can help.

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